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PostPosted: Thu Jun 29, 2017 1:57 am

Recruiting is currently closed. Please check back in a month or so!

Thank you!
PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 8:20 pm

1. What is the name of your main as well as level and class?

Deltro, Lvl 110 priest

2. What is your age?


3. What guilds have you been with in the past, and why did you leave them? Please provide as much detail as necessary.

The Knights of Death (Burning Blade-Horde) Dead guild, no active members
The Business (Burning Blade-Horde) Dead guild, no active members
Mooing Chaos (Hellscream-Alliance) Dead guild, no active members
The Iron Vanguard (Alterac Mountains- Alliance) Dead guild, no active members
Last Light (Thrall-Horde) Dead guild, no active members

4. Do you have any friends currently in Scalebane? If so, who & how do you know them? (Family, real life friend, etc.)

Vhaalis, an friend

5. What best describes you now that you're level 110 (or once you are 110)?

B. and D.
B. cause I'm willing to learn more about the game in the PvE side then the PvP side
D. cause I have lots of alts

A. I like to socialize, mess around, or whatever I'm in the mood for that day.
B. I like to raid mostly, & I pvp on the side (or not at all).
C. I like to pvp mostly, & I raid on the side (or not at all).
D. I like to level characters & professions.
E. Other/Explain.

6. Are you interested in guild raiding content? If so, what are your preferred roles?

Yes, Dps more than healing cause I haven't play an healer since BC

7. What role do you wish to perform while raiding? (Healer, Tank, DPS). Are you able to perform other roles if needed?

Dps more but willing to re-learn healing

8. Can you give us a brief summary of what your armor & weapons are like or provide a link to your armory page?

9. Can you describe what raiding experience you have? Are you familiar with current content?

Vanilla- ZG w/ The Knights of Death
BC- Kara, Gruul, Mag and ZA w/ The Business
Wrath- 10/25 Naxx, 10man Ulduar w/ The Business
Cata- 10man Normal Descent w/ The Business, 10man Normal Dragon Soul w/ Mooing Chaos
Mists- 10man Normal Vaults, ToES, ToT and SoO w/ Mooing Chaos
WoD- Normal Highmaul w/ Mooing Chaos
Legion- Clear Heroic EN w/ Last Light

10. What made you want to apply to Scalebane?

I know Vhaalis

11. Do you have any friends or family that will apply to Scalebane if you are recruited?


12. Are you currently applying to other guilds?


13. Are there any situations in the past that may affect your reputation that you would like to explain?


14. Are you the only one who plays your character?


15. Finally, tell us a little about yourself. We're first and foremost a guild about people, People > Loot.

I'm an deli supervisor at an local grocery store. I've been playing WoW since vanilla. Outside of WoW, I play Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, and console games. I also like to read books and comics.